Breast Pain And Hormonal Contraception

Tender breasts are often something women cope with. If it’s a day around your period or around your menstrual cycle, it’s not a problem to be too concerned with. If it is fibrocystic breast condition then there are more medical conditions and alternative treatments. If you have sore breasts getting on the birth control pills can even out hormone levels and perhaps even cure your breast pain. However, some women who have just gotten onto a new birth control pill and now experiencing new breast tenderness. Brest pain with the birth control pill is not likely to be serious and likely to be a self limited problem. It is thought to be related to the estrogen content, not the amount of progesterone, in your birth control pills. Most of the breast symptoms with new start oral contraceptive pills occur in the first three months, with a birth control patch the first month is more significant (perhaps 20% of new start patients will notice pain, and it may persist 4 or 5 months instead of just 3 cycles. There are actually several ways to make adjustments to the type of hormonal contraception if you are trying to resolve pre-existing or new breast pain. If it is not just a temporary effect of a new pill, but if this is something more on going, and if you like your pills, but still are plagued by breast tenderness, consider the other things: changing your bra,  or nutritional management, decreasing caffeine, and trying vitamin E. If you are not as committed to staying on the current pill then another alternative may be the patch as it has lower overall hormone levels as the levels are so steady they can be lower. Vaginal rings, although sometimes higher in overall hormone dose than on a birth control pill, have very steady hormone levels and can help manage breast pain. And the ring is a very safe contraceptive, they really don't break, but just if you are wondering if having a break or crack in the vaginal contraceptive ring can explode hormones into their vagina, the ring itself is permeated with the hormone, so cracks do not release large burst of hormone. It is rare for one to ever crack, and I cannot remember a patient calling about this.


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