When Did This Happen in Women's Health?

October 12, 1999
World Population Reached 1 billion in 1804, and then 3 billion in 1960, on this date in 1999 we reached 6 billion, the estimate is that we have over 7 billion now
Nevada Legalized Condom use for Sex Workers, the workers and brothels were legalized in 2008
 July 25th, 1978
Birth of Louise Brown the first Test Tube Baby
May 9th, 1960
FDA approved the first birth control pill
The big days for Bras
Mary Jacobs patents the Bra and gets the credit
July 5, 1843
Rubber Vulcanization Patented by Charles Goodyear
Condoms were legalized in America 1930
October 16, 1933
Tampax invents a tampon with an applicator, then sells for failing to get interest
October 13, 1968
Howard Tatum patents the Copper T IUD
July 28, 1999
Plan B was approved for emergency contraception
June 8, 2006
Gardasil, the HPV prevention vaccine, was legalized in the US
October 4, 2014
First successful pregnancy after a uterine transplant


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