Microbicides to Prevent STDs

Still not here, but would be handy if we could have medications that when inserted would prevent a woman from getting an STD no matter what the exposure was! This sort of product would be called a microbicide, and WHO has a good review of them. The NIH is working on this topic as well. Although Ebola keeps in the news, in gyno world prevention of HIV, and other serious STDs such as hepatitis, syphilis, and the infections that cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) are still what we gab about. Several organizations are pushing hard to get these products developed. Three have failed in later stages of clinical research: SAVVY, Carraguard, and cellulose sulfate gel. But Invisible Condom is still working it's way through research trials and still shows promise. Dr. Francois-Xavier Mbopi-Keou the lead author in the recent study was quoted as saying that "as many of 2.5 million cases of HIV could be averted over a three year period of time if even a partially effective microbicide is developed." The current statistics are that over 340 million cases of sexually transmitted infections that are curable occur world wide. A huge impact could be made on these infections as well!


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