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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Adult (Female) Stem Cells Have Pave the Way to Longevity and Organ Regrowth

Arnold Caplan, PhD. from the Case Western Skeletal Research Center points out in a talk to the 2014 Meeting of the North American Menopause Society Meeting that it was stem cells that allowed Kobe Bryant to continue playing and the recent uterine transplant to be performed. Stem cells changed the way we thought we think about disease. Their biology has been a mystery and the wonders of these cells is being gradually unlocked to change medicine forever. This is the field that has led to regrowth of organs, the advancement of transplantation, and the secrets of longevity. MSCs are the initials you need to learn, it stands for mesenchymal stem cells, you have them throughout your body, and body fluids, and they are going to be your health care future!  What is even more fascinating, female stem cells beat male stem cells in every way, and studies with only male stem cells have not worked as well!  Adults get injured, then there is inflammation, then there is some regeneration, and then fibrosis, which allows us to go on. Every tissue has this response to disease. Cells control the regeneration, and elimination of the scar formation can occur. This is what regenerative medicine is about, it is the ability to repair, replace, maintain and enhance organ function that has been lost due to abnormalities, injury, disease, or aging. It’s not only skin, liver, and blood that can regenerate, but all organs could do this. Our body is new about every 7 years. To put this into perspective every second 15 mil blood cells expire and are replaced in the human body. So we need to harvest what scientists call the mesengenic potential in our cell lines, or in other words harvest that potential which drives this ability to replace lost cells. We heal because of immune factors that drive the activity of elemental cells mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). We have discovered that all of us have, an easily accessible supply of these MSC stem cells which are sitting on blood vessels. Many of us thought these stem cells were just in bone marrow. We internally use these to help us heal by supporting all our immune cells including t-cells and b-cells as well as other cells.  The MSC turns off some of the factors that can block the healing and enhance the regeneration on a very microscopic level.  This can help treat serious infections, as well, which is particularly intriguing in light of emerging and historically deadily diseases. there are about two dozen companies that are in the business of regenerative medicine that are trying to deliver the beneficial stem cells from fat and plasma to physicians to heal patients. Women who live to 50, according to Dr. Caplan, will need to use stem cell therapy to make it to 90s or to succumb to diseases.  He also, interestingly, points out that even menstrual fluids have stem cells. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? None the less, females, in their true mothering role, have the ability to heal humanity, through these superior stem cells. Something else to gab about!

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