Grabbing Your Birth Control With Your Condoms and Groceries?

Once again birth control availability takes a new twist from universal prescription coverage, to perhaps no coverage as politicians start to advocate over the counter birth control pills. The parent organization of all obstetricians and gynecologists has actually supported the idea of over the counter contraception since 2012. But when faced with the fact that a half a billion dollar bill will land in the laps of women if that move was taken, organizations like Planned Parenthood are advocating that pills still be considered a prescription only medication. She was quoted on Medscape as saying “When health insurance doesn’t cover birth control and women have to pay out of pocket at the drugstore, it won’t expand access to birth control but shrink it,” wrote Parenthood Action Fund President Cecile Richards in an op-ed at Does it seem civilized to buy your birth control along with anything else you can grab at the grocery? It does seem that way to other countries, where in fact birth control pills are available with out prescription. Generally obstetricians, although supportive here, acknowledge that there are specific risks that women have to be aware of before purchasing a product of their own.  Republican politicians are the ones apparently resurfacing this discussion, as a 'solution' to what they perceive as objectionable requirements of the Affordable Health Care plans. As with other health care decisions, no matter how you actually purchase your contraception, be sure to gab with your gyno on  your personal risks and benefits after establishing a reproductive life plan.


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