New Colon Cancer Test Approved

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today approved Cologuard (Exact Sciences Corporation), a stool-based colorectal cancer (CRC). Finding colon cancer in the early stages is so important because it is very preventable in the precancer stage, and very treatable in the early stage. Colonoscopy is still going to be the best way to determine if cancer is or is not present and this new test won't replace colonoscopy.
Cologuard analyzes stool specimens for evidence of blood or evidence of DNA pieces that are shed by precancerous polyps or actual colon cancer.Like colonoscopy the test is designed as a screening test for individuals over the age of 50. Risk factors for colon and rectal cancer include those with inflammatory bowel conditions, those with prior colon or rectal cancers, and those with family history of cancer cases that include bowel cancers. You can also protect yourself against colon cancer by eating fruit and vegetables, increasing fiber and increasing your physical activity. World Health Organization study showed that for ever 10 grams of fiber you increase per day you lower your colon cancer risk by 10%.In this WHO study only whole grain fiber was protective. For diet and nutritional advice, and how to balance competing nutritional needs, see your women's health primary care provider to discuss.


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