Gynecologic Conditons Not Treated By Medical Marijuana in Illinois

As Illinois becomes another state that has legalized the use of medical marijuana women are questioning whether this medication would be indicated for their conditions. Cancer and very disabling neurological conditions head the list of conditions which qualify for treatment with marijuana if you possess a valid prescription. Interstitial cystitis and fibromyalgia are two conditions that do occur with some frequency that have had some successful treatment by marijuana use. Although conditions such as back pain and pelvic pain have been reported to be somewhat responsive to marijuana therapy, neither condition is on the approved list for conditions treated by valid prescription with medical marijuana at the Illinois Department of Public Health. It's important to remember that not all  Medical organizations have been weighing in on this topic for a long time. The position of the American Society for Addiction Medicine is complex, and specifically they are opposed to smoking as a route for medication delivery.The AMA has still stood against medical marijuana, stating lack of clear guidelines as the reason for the opposition. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has not yet issued a specific stand alone policy, but they have guidelines against the use of marijuana in pregnancy. Cases have been reported where marijuana use mimics the disease preeclampsia and eclampsia and physicians urge patients to include any marijuana use in their list of medications when at your health provider's office. The National Cancer Institute, in their very comprehensive review of the topic has said there is little objective information of harm. This is an evolving, complex topic, and one that should be discussed with your gyno if you have questions.


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