Thinking of a Baby, Here's Why to Check Your Cholesterol First

It is true that pregnancy, and even at time raising the children, can be hard on the heart; but that is not why you need a cholesterol test if you are trying to get pregnant. Poor cholesterol can affect your chances of getting pregnant in a new study in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. This means cholesterol levels that are outside the normal guidelines for your age. In their study the higher the cholesterol the longer it took for the couples to get pregnant. Who knows why this is, it may be that the cholesterol levels affect estrogen and testosterone hormone levels and thus affect ovulation that way. We known that cholesterol is one of the prime factors that contribute to blood vessel disease and blockages and ultimately lead to strokes, heart attacks, poor kidneys, poor circulation in our eyes, and poor circulation in our brains and feet, and well as reduced sexual function!  So maybe it's just not enough sex. As the couples that took the longest time to get pregnant both mom and dad had high cholesterol! Ultimately we are more worried about circulation, and the blocks to circulation cholesterol can create. Some critical sites for blockage due to plaque is due to factors that have to do with blood flow, the lower the flow in an area the easier it is for particles to dock and build the plaque. For those trying to get pregnant I theorize that the placental circulation could be one of those critical sites, or perhaps just the fertilized embryo trying to attach to the uterine wall and establish good circulation. Plaque could affect implantation that way as well. Thus when we want to know about all the factors that affect blood flow and hormonal levels before we just blame cholesterol, but then your cholesterol is relatively easy to correct if you want a baby! We advocate additional lipid testing for many women through one of our partners called Health Diagnostic Laboratory. Call your gyno for a test and see what your number is before you try the baby making!


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