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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pharmaceutical websites offer excellent patient information

Starting a new medication? Don't forget to google it... or Yahoo, or wherever you normally look... but what you really want to do is always check the actual website for your medication, virtually all branded products have a webpage! Pharmaceutical branded websites offer excellent patient information about your medication, and many also offer coupons to lower co-pays and medication costs. Patients forget that if they want excellent information, their gyno, their pharmacist, the package insert, are all excellent sources of accurate risks and benefits for your medications. However for cost savings, and updates on your particular medication, and should be checked when you are on medication. Many women are currently on oral contraception LoLoestrin or Minastrin, and here are their links as just two examples. And remember, if you think you read something that contradicts or confuses you about your personal gyno's advice, be sure to check with her to clarify; and always make your gyno aware of any new health changes or changes to medications
you are taking .

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