Fibrocystic Breast Disease Fluid Evaluated

Women who have painful and lumpy breasts are most likely suffering from fibrocystic breast disease. It's been argued that it should be called a breast condition as almost 70% of women will have breast changes consistent with this diagnosis by the time they are in their 40s. The cause is not really known, but we do know that you are about 50% less likely to get FCBD if you have use birth control pills. Women know there are certain times of the month their breasts feel more painful, and seem to be more tender to the touch, and even physically larger. So it is no surprise to learn that on a microscopic level breasts do change during a cycle. During the menstrual cycle the breasts actually cycle, in sync with what the hormones of the ovaries are doing. So that in the early part of the cycle, the estrogen dominant part of the cycle, there is growth of the breast cells. And this is why after the menstrual cycle the breasts are less painful as the estrogen levels are the lowest, and during oral contraception use, the suppression of the estrogen cycle, with the suppression of ovulation, decreases breast pain. Whether you just need an exam, a mammogram, an ultrasound, or other test like a cystic aspiration, that will be up to your gyno. There are many ways to evaluate breast disease according to the American Family Physician.  For those who have developed the actual lumps, fluid begins to accumulate and if your gyno needles the fluid out of your breast it may look something like this.


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