eCigarettes Going American But What Do They Contain And Does This Make Them Safer?

Getting women to not smoke is a primary objective of their gynos. Anything that helps patients smoke less is also a boon to health. Less smoking because of smoking bans as well as less smoking due to electric cigarettes has been shown to help women. In a study funded by the Thrasher Foundation with the Lung Foundation in the Netherlands, they have found 10% less preterm births just seen smoking bands have been instituted! A large American company now will be making the first American made eCigarettes. Previously they have all been from China, but by being manufactured here does that mean they are safer? The Chinese made eCigarettes are not regulated in content, and thus the chemicals and percentages of nicotine varies greatly. A lot of the marketing says they're only harmless water vapor. The FDA has a definition of eCigarettes on line. Medscape points out that this is completely untrue and vaporized propylene glycol, nicotine, as well as flavoring agents that are vaporized by a heating element which is powered by a battery, and it delivers this aerosols using ultrafine particles. There are about 400 vapors, or vapes, per cartridge, and there's a poor concordance between labeled and actual nicotine content, although a typical vape puff will be about a fifth as potent as a cigarette's puff..For those who worry about second hand smoke, there's talk of turning marijuana reefers into eCigarettes, which poses a whole new set of risks. physicians are struggling with whether there is true therapeutic potential, verses just the potential for mind altering states. The NIH points out that adolescents may have special concerns, such as psychiatric risks with marijuana use, and no one knows what the effects of eCigarettes with marijuana in them may pose.
We have never been completely sure on a physiological level as to what about smoking raises the cancer risk, however we have many clues. Smoking and eCigarettes contain nanoparticles, that are so tiny they have ability to affect our cells, our stem cells, and the DNA within cells producing a wide variety of ways they can are or can transform into carcinogens. And for those who only use eCigarettes part time to decrease overall nicotine, it's questionable how that wide variety of different chemicals and particles will interact with each other to produce risk. Generally physicians know that less is more and certainly in pregnancy the safety of tobacco, alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, and marijuana are all not established!


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