Ten Signs You Have Ovulated

1. Felt midcyle unilateral pain that corresponds
to an egg being released
2. Had mittlesmertz, or the accompanying rupture of the follicular capsule that has bleeding at the time of the pain
3. Had temperature shift on your basal body temperature chart (BBT)
4. Temperature on BBT, when taken first thing in the morning, remained elevated relative to the early part of your cycle after it elevated
5.Your urine ovulation predictor test (OPK) test is positive
6. Follicle collapsed on ultrasound monitoring
7. Corpus Luteum appeared on ultrasound, this is the progesterone producing structure the follicle becomes after it ovulates
8. Mucus discharge from cervix increases, usually this occurs in the few hours around ovulation, for some women it may be a day, for others a few hours
9. Spinbarkite of mucus increases, this is a word that means stretchy, like egg white
10. You don't get a period and have a positive pregnancy test!


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