New IVF Question Who's Your Mom...Mommies?

When it comes to molding character, vision, culture and ethics we have long known "it takes a village", but apparently when it comes to fertility treatments, that's the newest standard too. In London we have seen an official scientific panel endorsing genetically modified embryos, allowing for babies to be born from the "three parent" technique. This involves a mom who is the egg donor, the mom who donates genetic material in the form of mitochondria, so having two mommies is the correct genetic designation. Finally some are calling these embryo's "three parent" eggs, as they also have genetic material from a dad. and then there is the option to put the whole embryo in a "third mom, or fourth parent" by way of surrogate uterus. Hence, we have now involved a good part of the village in the genetic start of a child. No children have been born from these combinations, and it may or may not prove to be safe or warranted in many situations. And it leaves us plenty to gab about as this opens the door to so many types of combination therapies, designer children will mean more than just wearing a certain bunting after birth.


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