Moms, Babies and Children May Face Nutrition Deficiencies if Only Eating a Raw Food Diet

Many excellent sources of nutrition need to be cooked to release their nutrients and to aid digestion. This is only one of a few reasons that eating raw food is not necessarily best for moms, babies and children. Raw food diets, according to NYT article on the raw food movement often lack B12, which can be taken in supplements. For those raw food vegans who don't eat meat, or eat very limited meat, or do not take vitamins,  their B12 status can be measured by blood testing.the other concern is that a raw food diet or a vegan diet may face in pregnancy is thyroid dysfunction. U.S. vegetarians are iodine sufficient. U.S. vegans may be at risk for low iodine intake, and vegan women of child-bearing age should supplement with 150 μg iodine daily according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. So those who have specialized diets need to discuss their nutrition with their gyno before pregnancy. For ACOG's position on vegetarianism and being vegan in pregnancy refer to their position paper from 2013. And if you want to get scientific use the Super Tracker plan to keep track of what you are eating in pregnancy.


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