Menstrual Migraines are not a Myth

Menstrual migraines are often listed under migraine myths, but they do occur.  Menstrual migraines do exist and are not a myth. Migraine sufferers have headaches, but often they will have warning symptoms as well. Some of the warning symptoms are vague and some are more typically recognized as migraines. These may be nausea, light adversity, odd sense of smell or even vomiting. These non-headache neurological symptoms that occur when the pain starts are known as auras. Recent studies have shown that it is actually more common to have migraines without warning than with warning auras. But other women might have migraine symptoms that precede the actual headache pain by a day or even several days. And these symptoms may be those that are commonly recognized to be associated with migraines: like spots before your eyes, vision changes or, fatigue. But it is also possible to get more obscure symptoms such as a condition known as facial congestion or swelling that can even be mistaken for a sinus infection. So make sure you think about when you are having those sinus “infection” symptoms. Migraine medication not an antibiotic is more likely to be the cure! Any of my Gals having these symptoms? Call!


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