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Clitoral Scaring, Also Known As A Hood, In this Case From Lichen Sclerosus
Vulvar health is one aspect of women's health care that has replaced incontinence as the least talked about conditions with Low estrogen levels, chronic vaginal infections, warts and skin conditions like lichen sclerosus have to be treated promptly in order to preserve sexuality as you get older. Skin conditions can become debilitating for women with these. Over time the vagina can narrow, and shorten with lack of estrogen, but external skin conditions can produce sexual difficulties as well. Both Lichen Sclerosis and Lichen Planus can cause itching, irritation, difficulty with intercourse and disfiguring of the normal anatomy of a woman's vulva. This condition, but also low estrogen levels, chronic untreated infections, and some cases of warts can produce sexuality problems. In fact it can be a reason that women do not have orgasms if they get the thick bridges over the clitoris. These bridges are a type of adhesion, and adhesiolysis I have also seen the hooding from piercings that have become infectedMost often treatment can reverse these changes, but the reversal won't be permanent unless you continue your treatments. It's necessary for women with lichen sclerosus to have routine yearly check ups, whether you need your pap smear or not.


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