Happy Birthday Raymond Pearl

In On June 3rd, 1902 at the University of Michigan Raymond Pearl was awarded a PhD in biology. Gynos daily quote his calculations, when we refer to the Pearl Index of Contraceptive effectiveness that anyone talking about the likelihood that their contraception will fail has quoted! The Pearl index is how many women will be pregnant, out of a 100, when using the contraceptive method for a year. Researchers and patients alike are clear on what this index is and how to use it, and statistical flaws and all it is always quoted on all the package inserts for your contraception. What you want to know is "out of 100 people like me" how many people will get pregnant, so there really are better calculations (Fertility Index for one), but this one is so useful for research it is always used as well. He studied the life span of various animals and creatures and developed many well known theories about how long an elephant will live relative to say a hummingbird based on their body, their metabolism, and applied this to all of the earth's creatures. Thus the study of Biogerontology, actually a form of studying aging, was named by him. His love of statistical proof was so fanatic that he even wrote a book regarding drinking, which he was quite proficient at, to prove that it increased life span of humans. As we all know though, we have to turn to statistics to see which of his many many theories stands the test of time. And the Pearl Index does so happy June 3rd birthday Dr. Pearl.


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