Who Has HPV?

The numbers of men and women who have HPV is staggering, the numbers of people who have had it at some time in the past, makes the affected population be so high as to consider this disease almost universal.  The current prevalence of HPV: who has it in our population is according to the newest study is over two thirds of the population; and the incidence: who has had HPV at any time in their life (cumulative incidence) is therefore almost everyone.
In this new study presented showed that 69% of Americans have the HPV virus, they looked at all strains of the HPV virus, including those that cause warts and throat cancer.  
Not just the strains that cause cervical cancer. This study looked at a wide range of ages, and looked at many tissues, including skin and gut that aren't traditionally thought of as the HPV harboring organs. Our immune system can keep this virus quiet for years. Newer, more accurate, testing has been able to identify these viruses as we never have been able to before. Most of the viruses tested for in this study are not important causes of disease that we know of and we do not screen for each of these types of viruses. For more information on which tests to have, how to interpret your personal results and to get tested if you never have been tested, contact us at Womenshealthpractice.com


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