The Other Cells Detected On Our Pap Smears

The pap test will look at any cells shed from the uterus, the cervix, and the vagina. Whether the cells seen are shed from one or more of these location we cannot always say. but cells can work their way from the fallopian tube, the ovary, or even the abdominal cavity down through the uterus and eventually appear in the pap. The odd cell from these locations are typically seen as glandular cells. Your gyno gets a pap smear report that details what is seen, including what cells appear that are not actually from the cervix. The pap, like any other pathology report, is considered a consultation to be ordered in conjunction with all of your other medical evaluations and test. It should also be interpreted by your gyno, not just the pathologist at the lab. If these odd cells appear, it will be up to your gyno to appropriately order additional tests. If atypical glandular cells are found one study showed that over 6% of those patients actually had a cancer of an organ other than the cervix or uterus, or the ovaries, another 7% of women had more distant cancers. So these cells are potentially alarming, and are definitely a reason to gab with your gyno if you have one of these reports. 


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