Feeling Faint When Sitting or Standing

From the lying down position blood rapidly distributes in other directions when you sit or stand. For most women, this is a fairly routine process, and you do not have to give much thought to how you sit or stand, nor how fast you do those maneuvers. However the body actually can redistribute about 300-800 cc of blood, away from your brain and heart, and redirect it to other parts of your body, including your lower legs. Some women if they sit or stand too fast will feel the blood rush and feel slightly faint. Other women when standing rapidly can feel sweaty, dizzy, have a headache, or even feel tired. For most it's just followed by a rapid return of normal circulation when you again sit or lay back down, and the odd feelings pass. For other women the feelings intensify and even cause the heart to race or palpate. For most women this blood shift is accompanied by lowering of the blood pressure, and that may be why it causes some women nausea. for many there is not significant blood pressure change, but if there is you may actually pass out. Other conditions can cause these same symptoms, like anxiety, or depression, or medication, or odd causes such as poisoning.Some gyno conditions can exaggerate the issue. Particularly if there is a reason that the blood flow to the legs is obstructed, such as wieth a large fibroid or large ovarian cyst.  If the lightheaded feeling is common, then you need to see your gyno about it.


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