'Damaged' Human Eggs Can Be Repaired

A sperm is literally just DNA with a tail, a human egg has actual cell components that eventually become incorporated into the human who subsequently grows. In a prior post we discussed the fact that we get more genetic material from mom, much of it encoded in the mitochondria, also nick named the energy plant of the cell. For more on the mitochondria you can see a number of good summaries on line. In a dramatic committee opinion the FDA is looking at ways allow scientists to remove damaged human mitochondria and replace them with healthy mitochondria. The technique has been used in other animals, including monkeys. The technique has been written up on line if you would like to read further. These types of technologies have many implications in their use. If you would like to participate in public commentary on scientific or ethical aspects you can go on to the FDA website. Otherwise, keep checking back with us regularly, it's topic that will be changing rapidly in the months and years to come.


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