A Simple fix for Painful Sex: Numbing Gel

Painful sex is almost always treatable. The treatments range from curing infections, to appropriately correcting pelvic floor disorders, treating bladder infections, and curing the withering of vaginal tissues as women get years beyond menopause. For others there are pain or immune issues that may be causing the problem. In menopausal women the focus of pain relief for painful sex is on returning tissue to it's 'original' or younger states. Once the tissue of the vagina becomes significantly atrophied those treatments involve hormonal or synthetic hormonal manipulation. The most typical woman complaining of painful sex is a postmenopausal women who has gone several years without estrogen therapy and whom has begun to have very infrequent intercourse. Hormonal therapy is a fix for painful sex, but there are many who want to try non-prescription and non-hormonal alternatives. Some of these women may be breast cancer survivors who are not wanting to use hormonal therapy. A novel idea for treatment of breast cancer survivors with intercourse pain was  awarded first prize here at the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Clinical Meeting 2014, where it was presented by Dr. Goetsch. The women were treated with a strong solution of numbing gel to help relieve the pain of insertion at the time of intercourse. The researchers out of Oregon Health and Science University in Portland also looked at tenderness from tampon insertion. The numbing gel had to be properly applied and sit for 3 minutes before sex to be effective.  The treatment has very little down side risk and women can be evaluated for these therapies at Women's Health Practice.


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