Newest Breast Self Exam Advice

Current gyno advice is to not do routine breast self examinations. Instead be breast self aware: and report any significant changes to what you think is your normal breast tissue. For a list of common breast questions you can check our prior post.  For instance, if you have pain, then yes, you can do a self exam to see if something has changed. In order to 'know' if your breast tissue has changed you have to generally be aware of what your breast exam feels like. Breast self exams were initially promoted in the era  pre-mammograms during the 1950s. Now that we have mammogram plans, it is a better test in the women with no symptoms at all. However, since some breast cancers do have lumps or other symptoms associated with them, women find most of their own breast cancer lumps. Too many self exams in healthy women will just lead to additional tests and biopsies without finding extra cancers.


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