What You Lose In Hormones, You Make Up In Weight! Menopause Weight Gain

Gynos have heard patients complaining about weight gain in menopause for years. The amount of weight women gain when menopausal had not yet been quantified, and more importantly the reasons have not been agreed upon by experts. Factors such as slowing of metabolism with advancing age, the lack of sleep by women with hot flashes, the inability to exercise well due to arthritis and loss of vertebral flexibility due to degenerative disc disease, and finally the dramatically changing hormones. In a study sponsored by NIH it has been confirmed that the hormonal shifts in menopause predispose women to gain of belly fat as well as at least a ten pound weight gain. The weight of menopause then increases cardiovascular disease and pre-diabetic states. The physiology of fat changes towards fat accumulation, and only active dieting and exercise can reverse these otherwise inevitable pounds around your waist. At Women's Health Practice we say that weight management and more complete knowledge of one's metabolic status through body fat measurements and evaluation of your markers of inflammation and insulin control, can allow you and your gyno to help you proactively head this weight gain off. But if you do gain, there are many new solutions to weight loss including many new medications approved for longer term weight loss management.


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