Water, Silicone or Oil? There are a lot of choices for Vaginal Lubricants and Moisturizers

There are vaginal moisturizers that are intended for increased daily moisture and comfort; and lubricants that are intended for use with intercourse for more comfort as you actually have sex. And moisturizers come as water based, oil based and silicone based and probably the silicone based ones have the most slipperiness to make it one of the best choices. Often a women actually needs treatment for overall dryness physically: drinking more water will help treat vaginal dryness to! Some women will need treatment for minor vaginal infections and this is why they feel like they are dry with intercourse Sometimes it is a condition of low estrogen in menopause. It is no longer true that only estrogen can actually change the chemistry of your vagina and make the walls healthier and producing their own moisture. Both estrogen and the new medication Osphena will both work to help physiologically treat vaginal dryness with estrogen.  But estrogen and Osphena are pharmacologic treatment, and we begin simple when a woman has a complaint and try to use the simple strategies first. We encourage increased water intake, the use of lubricants with sex, and then vaginal moisturizers when symptoms are more severe. Eventually as women progress farther past menopause, most women will need either the estrogen or the Osphena to maintain vaginal moisture and comfort with sex. 


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