Self Scoring Body Hair For Abnormal Male Hormone Levels

Females can have excess fine hair, on their trunk or their arms and legs that is genetic; or they can have the excess hair of virilization. The best way to measure the amount of hair you have on your body is to grade 9 body areas with scores of 0 to 4. Those who score low have no excess hair problems, those who score very high, closer to 36 have significant excess hair. The Body areas are 1. Upper lip, 2. Chin, 3.Chest and breast area, 4. mid abdomen, 5. Lower abdomen, 6. arms, 7. legs, 8. Upper back, 9. Lower back and buttock area. Now these hair scores may or may not correlate
with abnormal hormones, irregular periods, and/or infertility. But for those with changing scores, or abnormal scores, a gyno discussion may be in order.


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