Non-Hormonal Help For Hormonal Symptoms

As with all bothersome symptoms, there are factors that make it worse and factors that improve the condition. We have said for a long time that being overweight and not exercising consistently will worsen the vasomotor symptoms of menopause including hot flashes. We now we also note that caffeine can worsen hot flashes as well according to a new study just published in the journal Menopause. If doing these symptomatic treatments do not help, and if you are suffering up to 7 of these episodes per day, or 50 or more a week you may want to consider treatment with either estrogen or non-hormonal medical therapies. Of course dressing in layers, drinking water and avoiding caffeine will work as well. A hot flash treatment medication called Brisdelle is a very low dose of paroxetine that is approved in larger doses for treatment of psychiatric conditions. Of women having a mean of 10 hot flashes a day, they only reported 6 a day by the first week, and only about 4 episodes a day by the 12th week when on medication. Placebo patients also reduced their hot flashes. Unlike estrogen, it is not a hormone and cannot affect your risk of breast cancer, heart disease, or blood clots. Unlike estrogen, it is not a hormone and therefore it also cannot enhance your bone density, and in fact there has been an association between SSRI treatment and osteoporotic fractures. It is unclear why it would affect the efficacy of tamoxifen. Brisdelle may not be right for you, but it is an alternative worth considering for all women with vasomotor symptoms. Brisdelle doesn't have the ability to improve vaginal health the way estrogen might. And we know that vaginal health can be significantly impaired on tamoxifen. 54% of women on tamoxifen report sexual dysfunction. For those women the use of Brisdelle can help with the hot flashes, but the non-hormonal therapy Mona Lisa Touch would be an excellent addition to the therapy to improve pain with intercourse and vaginal dryness.


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