In the US Mom's Get Less Post Partum Time Than the Rest of the World

In a NY Times article a world map shows who gets to take the most time off after pregnancy, based on paid leave. In the US women have prided themselves in the 'I can do it all' category, and maybe just a bit, we have voluntarily contributed to the idea moms can get right back to work. Some mom's will readily admit 'they have to work' to make ends meet since they don't have much paid leave. And women in part time work will often not qualify for part time work. Medically, it is up to you and your gyno to determine whether you are actually healthy enough to resume work. There are many obstetrical and gynecologic factors to consider. For instance:Did you have a c-section, the uterus may take a bit more time to heal. Baby blues and actual post partum depression do occur, and for some women it's their thyroid taking it's time to get back in sink contributing to these ills.
For your baby's needs, that can be up to your pediatrician to help counsel about when baby is ready for mom (and dad) to get back to work. But check this map carefully, maybe it's time to speak out on the subject.


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