Having Gynecologic Surgery? Get Your Lungs Ready

Much of gyno surgery is done with the aid of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the abdomen so the physician can see well in the pelvis and work freely from the other structures. But as a result the rise of the abdomen, and the tilt of the bed to head down lead to changes of the lung pressures during these surgeries. As a result the lung cannot breath in as much air, and the airways themselves actually get increased pressures in their channels and this leads to more carbon dioxide accumulating in the lungs. Routine use of chest x-rays in studies of patients after these changes that there is some small amount of lung collapse in nearly half of patients that have these surgeries. It may be the anesthesia, the effect of the diaphragm dysfunction, or perhaps pain itself that lead to the lung issues, but probably it is the effect of the gas. Those that do best do not smoke, do not take muscle relaxers or other medications that can interfere with lung function, and exercise regularly so their normal lung capacity is excellent. Don't forget to get your lungs ready if you are planning a surgery


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