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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Position of the Uterus In the Pelvis, Diagrams to help you understand your pelvic exam

A physician performing a bimanual exam. in this case with one finger in the vagina, two is also normal. The vaginal finger is feeling the cervix, the abdominal finger is feeling the top of the uterus which is shown in cross section.
The position of the uterus in an cross sectional diagram of a woman. The uterus is located in the back wall of the vagina, its axis is approximately a 90 degree angle to the vagina it self. 
The uterus can be tipped forward on that axis: then it is called anteveerted, if it is tipped back it is called retroverted. 

Some women have the uterus both tipped back and folded back. Here the physician is reaching for the top of the uterus with the hand on the abdomen but a tipped back uterus is so far back it cannot be felt well. The vaginal hand can feel the bulge of the back of the uterus. This uterus that is bent back on it self is called retroflexed. Aetroverted uterus is often also retroflexed. An anterverted uterus is usually anteflexted as well.


  1. My uterus began to prolapse just recently and now my cervix is just an inch in from the vaginal opening. I am 40-something and have never given birth, although i have been morbidly obese for all of my adult life. When this happens, is hysterectomy the only option? I have never in my life been to a gynecologist but have an appointment in a couple of weeks due to this as well as extremely heavy prolonged menstrual cycles where i pass clots the size of golf balls and spotting in between cycles (all new symptoms that have been going on for a few months now). I'm frightened that i may have uterine cancer & feel as though my body is rejecting my uterus and trying to expel it.....


  2. For the reader who is very obese and has never had children but yet has a prolapsed uterus, it is possible that the obesity you are suffering from is contributing to both your heavy bleeding as well as your prolapse. Precancerous conditions of the uterus are common in women in their 40s, but actual cancer of the uterus has an older average age. So women with abnormal bleeding who get checked will likely be able to proactively treat the gynecologic problems before it becomes cancerous. Obesity has so many consequences and the nutrition of your diet may be contributing to the type of gynecologic problems. So we do say strive for fitness: good nutrition and exercise even if you cannot normalize your weight and you will see significant health improvement. At Women's Health Practice 217-356-3736 we advocate diet and nutrition management.


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