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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dry Nipple Skin, Worse In Winter

Although it is possible this can be a bacterial or yeast infection, it is just dry skin. For most women soaps and lotions are more drying than just washing with plain water. If your nipple looks dry, see your gyno to be checked, and she can discuss optimal nipple skin regimens that will help cur this condition.


  1. My left nipple looks like this. Is it most likely dry skin? It doesn't hurt, it's just sensitive but it's probably because I'm pregnant?

  2. Pregnancy can increase nipple dryness, yet it is still a good idea to get your obstetrical provider to look at your nipples before suggesting therapy. Thanks.

  3. Are you sure it's not an infection, because I have the exact same condition but it's all over my right nipple and I'm 16 and not breastfeeding.

  4. I'm scared that all of the yellow and green scabs are gonna fall off and most of my nipple will be gone. If that scenario happens, will that make me unable to breastfeed in the future?

  5. This is an informational blog, please take specific physical exam and health questions to a health care provider as this site provides no diagnosis or individual treatment. Most breast skin conditions are treatable and do not prevent healthy breastfeeding in the future. We welcome new patients at womenshealthpractice.com.

  6. both of my nipples look like that ! is that mean that it could be cancer ?

  7. It's very important to keep your skin clean and don't use heavy oil based makeup. Let your skin breath by periodically taking a break from wearing makeup. Be careful not to use too much perfume. Flaky Skin on Face

  8. It is important for women to have any significant skin changes evaluated by a medical professional. Medical professionals can determine if a particular condition is in fact cancer. It is important to remember that sun exposure can cause many skin conditions, even of the nipple. At Hadacm.com we recommend using our sun screens for the best protection.


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