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Monday, January 13, 2014

Why Women Get Their First C-Section

C-Sections are on the rise still in the US with almost a third of all deliveries occurring by C-section, and a third of those C-sections are because of the first C-section. In the decade between about the mid 1990s to 2007 the overall first baby having a c-section rose about 60%, and Cesarean birth is the most common major operation US Women have. The Consortium on Safe Labor looked at a quarter of a million women's medical records over much of the US. They categorized c-sections into elective (meaning no trial of labor at all) verses clinically indicated, and a group they called 'mixed' meaning there could have minor medical reasons, but the patient and her obstetrician selected operative delivery. The top three reasons for having a c-section were failure to progress (labor stuck), nonreassuring FHR (a mostly out of date term meaning fetal heart rate tracing is not completely normal), and then fetal malpresentation (usually this is a breech baby, could be sideways or chin coming down not the top of the head). Other reasons for c-section are many, including having twins or triplets, having prior surgery such as for myomectomy (removing fibroids), or uncontrolled pain. Something to gab with your gyno about, is how likely are you to have a c-section? Long term there are some risks of having c-sections and it is safest for mom to have a vaginal birth.Want to know how your state stacks up in how many women get c-section? Here's the CDC numbers on state by state c-section rate.

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