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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who To See When Hair Falls Out?

Women are often distressed if they see too much hair loss or if their regular stylist comments on thinning hair; and they will often ask around to see what sort of physician they should see to evaluate the hair loss. Two issues to consider when picking a physician to evaluate hair loss: the work up to see if anything is 'wrong' medically; and secondly the issue of how to reverse the loss and/or add hair. First perform home diagnostic evaluations: are you over processing, over heating, over pulling on the hair? Is there evidence of new scalp disease? Too much sun exposure of hair and scalp? Poor nutrition or recent stress or pregnancy? If the answers are yes, then simple home care should help to reverse hair thinning in 3-6 months. But if it's more longstanding than that, or all your answers to the above questions were no, then it's time to consult a physician. Primary care physicians, endocrinologists, gynecologists or reproductive endocrinologist, as well as dermatologists should all be able to help evaluate what the cause is. Once a cause is established treatments can be planned. But genetically hair thins as we age, and the hairs themselves get thinner, so reversing the process is often more problematic than finding the diagnosis. But your hair needs a bit of a doc call now and then, so don't just ignore loss, but be sure to gab with your gyno about it!

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