What Is Pancreatitis? Why Do Women Care

Women should care about pancreatitis as the newest date from the Women's Health Initiative shows that hormone therapy increases the risk of pancreatitis by about 50%. In simple terms pancreatitis is an inflammation of the gland the pancreas that is in our upper abdomen. The condition usually causes pain in the region of the pancreas, the enzyme levels of pancreatic enzymes rise, and often the patient will have a fever. Residing by the gall bladder, conditions that obstruct or inflame the gall bladder can affect the pancreas. Both gall stones and alcohol are known to be causes of the condition, but even injuries, high cholesterol, and viral infections can be the problem. Since the pancreas makes insulin, any disorder of the pancreas can lead to pre-diabetes or diabetes. Treatment will vary on the degree of the condition, the cause and the patient's overall health. In some cases it is rest and observation, in very severe cases surgery may be required. For women, proactively keeping your blood fat levels down, minimizing alcohol, and taking this condition into consideration when starting hormones can all be preventative. Another topic to put on your to do list when gabbing with your gyno.


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