What Do Boys Think About Girl's Toys?

Boy's are supportive of their girl's girl toys. Vibrators are recommended by most gynos for many reasons, including helping women to reach orgasm, to help a woman reach orgasm during intercourse, to enhance orgasm including helping to have a G-spot orgasm, to enhance arousal, to work the pelvic floor muscles and to spice up sex. Partner sex and intimacy and foreplay is not replaced by vibrators. Some women are hesitant to try a vibrator because women think that their partner might not be pleased they are using one. But in fact most women who use vibrators report higher levels of sexual satisfaction than did single women who use them, so actually vibrators have a place in a healthy partner relationship. Overall about two thirds of men state that they are supportive of their partners using a vibrator, and in fact, some men borrowed their partner's toys! So discuss with your gyno if you are having a sexuality issue. Vibrator use may be just the answer.


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