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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Roman Goddess Namesake of the Uterus

The naval officer, naturalist, and philosopher Pliny stated that the Roman's were not without medicine, but they were without physicians and surgeons. If a citizen took ill, they were likely to pray to the appropriate goddess, while typically consuming concoctions of herbs or spirits. Other traditional practices were to hold an animal who could assume the illness, or slathering on unguents made from cherished family recipes. If the traditional practices and pleas to the goddesses were not heard, feasts and festivals were thought to be the next best step, oddly then perpetuating any contagions that were among those stricken ill. Another common practice was to sleep on the thresholds of temples, a practice eventually banned as masters began to abandon slaves in numbers at the shrines. If the woman was pregnant, or desirous of being so she prayed to Uterina was the Roman Goddess who guarded the womb. Prayers to Uterina could be aided by the goddess Fluonia who severed women, and Carna who guarded abdominal organs. And to this day, this Roman Goddess is revered in the naming of all wombs after her.

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