Stop Forgetfulness By Positive Thinking

You were relating a story about one of your favorite books, and sure enough, you cannot remember the author, or the title, or the main character, or all three! Frustrating, but so common. The end of a long day, preoccupation with other things, or even plane old not putting enough effort into those word, time or place associations that help our memory was probably at fault. For some menopausal women, however, there are other medical issues.
It turns out that if you think you are on your game, then you are. The research from the Seattle Midlife Women’s Health Study showed that 60% of women in the menopausal transition report decreased memory function over the past few years, including forgetfulness. The Decision at Menopause study was also relied upon for some of their findings.  Yet their studies also revealed an effect on perception of your function as it actually correlates to your memory function. Positive attitude again comes through as an important indicator of success. Of course it's easier to have a positive attitude if your gyno confirms that is warranted, so don't skip the yearly visits, she has things to say to your about how to keep sharp and keeping positive!
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