Getting a Health Check on the Whole Guy, Is His Sperm Count Good Enough?

Women speak of their guy's sperm count, their gyno speaks of the guy's semen analysis. In medicine we like facts and figures, and there's more to getting a healthy guy to mate with than just that sperm number. And we've been in the past content to say go ahead and get pregnant if the count is good. Now we want more. We want a guy with a good blood pressure, not on any unusual supplements, with good cholesterol and good BP as well as no STDs or genetic defects. So it takes a bit more to get ready for pregnancy (although good sperm count is a great place to start), and getting into the gyno for a talk before the couple gets pregnant is what we recommend. 

World Health Organization reference values for human semen characteristics.   Cooper TG; Noonan E; von Eckardstein S; Auger J; Baker HW; Behre HM; Haugen TB; Kruger T; Wang C; Mbizvo MT; Vogelsong KM  Hum Reprod Update. 2009 Dec 4.


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