A Pelvic Cyst That is Not an Ovarian Cyst?

This is a pelvic ultrasound of what appeared to be a large pelvic cyst, probably of one of the ovaries, but no ovarian abnormality was found at surgery. All abdomens have fluid that in actuality prevents the tissues from sticking together. Some women who have had infections, surgery, endometriosis or other conditions can develop pelvic scar tissue also called adhesion.Medically there can be a number of complications from pelvic or abdominal adhesions. These adhesions act like internal passageways and entrap fluid thus a women may have a mass on examination and then found to have fluid collections that appear on ultrasound to be a cyst of the ovary. Blood tests and other test may offer a clue to diagnosis but otherwise final diagnosis has to be made at the time of surgery.


  1. I've recently been diagnosed with a complex ovarian cyst that measures 8cm by 7cm with a solid mass within it that measures 4cm by 4cm. I also have multiple uterine fibroids which my gynae has advised to remove at the same time. I'm worried about the surgery especially if I have fibroids inside my uterus as I hear these cause a lot of bleeding during surgery. What's ur advise please?

  2. Women with uterine fibroids can be anemic, or have low iron stores even in cases with normal blood counts. That makes it important to consider the risk of blood loss all women facing a pelvic surgical procedure for fibroids. Based on the surgery planned the surgeon is responsible for blood loss prevention during the surgery itself; the patient is responsible for doing what she can to build her count and maximize nutrition, with consultation from her physician. When we help our patients plan surgery we also advise with respect to medications, supplements, and herbals. Adjusting these may also have a favorable impact, potentially decreasing the blood loss at surgery. Consult your physician about surgery planning and that will maximize safety. We wish you well


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