25% of All Women Enjoy Sex More After First Baby

It is natural to respond sexually in many new ways after having a baby. For some the sheer physical demands of motherhood make the physicality of  sex seem exhausting rather than enticing. But not everyone responds to having a baby in the house the same way, and about 25% of women say they enjoy sex more after their first baby. In fact they say they just feel more sexually appealing. Whether it is the birthing process that involved friends, family and hospital staff or some other force, most new moms are less inhibited, and that translates into less inhibited sex as well. But for some women, it really is better because of actual physical changes. Although for most women the changes in the vaginal tissues after birthing
are relatively subtle, for most new moms the back wall of the vagina is a bit looser, and for many that is more comfortable and sex is thus enhanced. Breast sensations do change, but many feel the milk let down is somewhat erotic and enjoy this new found thrill. It is natural after that positive pregnancy test to wonder how you are going to feel, but most will do exceptionally well!


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