Unusual Vaginal Discharge On the Birth Control Pills

Women often will have a change in their vaginal discharge when they are on birth control pills. Clear vaginal discharge, if you are on or off birth control pills. may mean ovulation, or an estrogen effect on the cervical mucus. Oddly you really should not be ovulating on the birth control pills. You can detect ovulation by performing OPK tests, but also by the stretch test of your mucus. Ovulatory mucus will be able to stick to your fingers and not pull away as you separate your thumb and forefinger, much like egg white. A physician can test your cervical mucus midcycle to see if you are showing that ovulatory effect, by looking at a smear mid cycle to see if it is showing ferns when dried and on a slide under a microscope. Although the studies on how a birth control pill works all talk abut changing the mucus of the cervix (such that it is a block to sperm), the recent studies looking at ovulation rates do not use this simple home mucus measurement as clinical evidence of ovarian suppression, but we definitely could. You could have a check up that determines if your regular clear discharge is ovulation or if your discharge is actually a vaginal infection or cervical infection. If you are regularly ovulating on contraceptive pills that is not normal. And if you have a new partner, getting that double check is a good idea. If you are ovulating on the birth control pill then you may need to be evaluated to see if this is the right birth control pill for you. Pills fail in several women out of a 100 each year, and inadequate ovulation suppression can be a reason for the failure!


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