Think of it as a Gift and Keep Your IUD! Get a Second Opinion On Removal if You are Considering Removable Prematurely

Getting an IUD placed is an important decision, and getting the IUD removed is also an imporant decision, and not to be taken lightly. For women with IUDs and vaginal infections, pelvic infections, bleeding, pains, complaints from the partner may have a way to solve the condition without just taking out the IUD if it's not reached the date your gyno said to replace it. Years ago, guidelines, in part driven by the older types of IUDs and the strings they had at the time, recommended IUD removal for women with pelvic infections. Now the guidelines have changed and the CDC recommendation changed that guideline a while ago. It is no longer the recommendation to remove your IUD if you have chlamydia; and if a woman is diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), it's is also recommended to treat the infection, and not immediately remove the IUD. If the infection is not able to be resolved, some women will have to have their IUD removed. In a recently poll it was found that over 60% of physicians were not following the PID guideline and recommending immediate IUD removal. So perhaps if you are being treated for a gynecologic condition while you have an IUD, if removal is recommended, maybe you actually need a second opinion before losing your effective long term contraception.


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