Laundry Day: Don't Forget the Condoms

From Female Condom Website
What! Reuse of a Condom, is that sensible, possible? For Female Condoms, the manufacturer has given Dr. Steven Nakajima, of the University of Louisville School of Medicine the official guidelines from the World Health Orgnanization (WHO) their guide to washing the female condom. It's that official, so I pass the info on to readers who may be using the Female Condom: You need a weak bleach to kill viruses and bacteria, even chlamydia, gonococcus, the HIV virus and other more common bacteria. The bleach can be 1 part bleach and 20 parts water, and you need to soak your female condom in it for one minute. Rinse, at dry, store in a dry place. It's not recommended to clean more than 5 times. Female condoms used to be made of polyurethane, the walls were thin and odorless and transmitted body heat, but some assembly was required at the manufacturing plant, now the newest condoms, called FC2 are actually of a softer synthetic latex, and they are more affordable, and now with the ability to wash 5 times, they are much more popular.  After the five times of washing do break out the next one! Currently the WHO is now reviewing this advice.


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