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Monday, December 9, 2013

Color Me Salty

On Medscape today doctors are discussing how to get women to lower their salt intake. One way is to just get used to using less. The other is to get food manufacturers to use less. Dr. Henry Black pointed out that "With milk [containers],we use certain colors for low-fat milk and other colors for full-fat milk. Why don't we do that with soup or other things that are heavily salted?" In reply there is such talk about using colors to know what foods are highest in salt. In fact Dr Graham MacGregor of the United Kingdom suggests what is coming over the pond,"We have a signpost labeling system coming in: green, amber, and red for salt, sugar, and fat. That is slowly coming in, but it hasn't made it onto all food products yet." Women can be especially salt sensitive, so anything that helps us lower the intake will be beneficial.

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