What Best Treats PCOS: It's Not a Pill But Weight Control and Situps?

The Endocrine society has just released the new guidelines on PCOS, or polycystic ovarian condition.  Up to 10% of US woman have PCOS without being aware, and with out a diagnosis, you may not be treating the whole scope of the disease correctly. Women are most likely to have this if they have abnormal menstrual cycles, ovaries with small cysts and male hormone abnormalities. In diagnosing and treating women with PCOS, the endocrine society also points out that there are skin consequences of PCOS. Patients with PCOS have abnormal  hair growth, acne, alopecia or hair loss, acanthosis nigricans which is a skin pigment disorders, and skin tags during physical examination, according to the new guidelines.In addition to abnormal menstrual periods, and infertility, struggles with weight, diabetes and blood pressure problems all plague women with PCOS. Appropriate evaluation for this condition can help you have the best overall health as well as the best skin. At  Women's Health Practice  we advocate an ongoing assessment for our patients for the hormone concerns, as we have discussed in other blogs, from the teen years, through menopause the degree and consequences of PCOS change and can affect treatment decisions, and your long term health. Guidelines recommend that birth control pills for many, diabetic therapies for those that test diabetic, and ovulation medication for those trying to get pregnant, but all the cases are best first managed with diet and exercise as part of therapy. Small amounts of weight loss significantly can reduce risk and promote control of PCOS, as well as have a favorable impact on fertility. And the better you control your weight, the better the outcome is for being able to control your weight in the future as control of PCOS makes weight loss easier! So come in to the gyno to be evaluated, and cleared for gearing up to an advanced exercise program, and yes, attacking the core, with situps or other exercises is going to be part of it!


  1. Thanks for the input on this post. It's important to note that the brief episode of compression from mammography has never actually been linked to breast cancer and women should not avoid proper screenings because of that worry.

  2. I ve been diaognosed with ovarian cysts in both ovaries of size 3*4 cm on a week before my periods was due. My blood test on 2nd day of period came -ve (1.2) ruling out pregnancy and miscarriage. On 4TH DAY of periods I ve been prescribed Novelon for 21 days to treat ovarian cysts. I am TTC. Can I conceive after this course or it will take longer than a month for hormones to get cleanse frm my body. REGARDS DR.

  3. Most women will spontaneously begin to ovulate fairly promptly after stopping the birth control pill. The pill hormonal levels are out of a woman's system very promptly after you stop taking your pills. There are women who do not ovulate in the first cycle(s) after stopping their pills, but that is not specifically due to the blood levels of estrogen and progesterone, it is because of the effects on the pituitary gland and the brain feedback loops. The physiology of PCOS patients is different. For them, the pituitary can be reset, so to speak, and become more likely to ovulate after a short course of pills used to treat ovarian cysts.

    1. Thnx a lot Dr. for ur feedback. Many Regards. Keep up the good work.Being a scientist myself, I appreciate what u do. I'll be glad to be a follower and share this site with my friends. Best wishes.

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  5. Medication interactions that have been studied are included in the package insert from prescription drugs. This information is both in the PDR and found on line for most medications. For medications not found in these lists, asking a pharmacist, your own gynecologist, or calling the manufacturer of the medication can help determine if combinations of medications or herbal products are safe. With oral contraceptives you have to think about both the safety of any interaction and what it will do to the effective hormone levels. Even cigarettes can lower medication levels of the birth control pill. Condoms can protect against STDs but they also can protect against any potential medication induced lowering of contraceptive levels if you have a question about short term use of a medication while on birth control pills.

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