Understanding Genetics Now That Progress Has Genetic Testing So Common

Understanding genetic testing is mandatory for all women, as you have lots of choices of tests, and even if you select to opt out of the testing you need to know what information you are not taking advantage of. For those getting testing, genetic tests are not simple yes no tests, they are very complex. If two women both have a cystic fibrosis test, and both are positive, their gene defects may be very different. With cystic fibrosis, about 70% of the affected women will have the same 3 gene abnormality. But 30% have all sorts of other DNA changes that make they get the disease. And some healthy women will have oddities to their genes that don't translate into any actual disease. This is why you cannot just get a test, you have to rely on your gyno (or other qualified doc) to pick the type of test and help you interpret the test.


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