Quicker Is Better: In Breast MRIs Too!

MRIs for diagnosis of breast cancer as a replacement for digital mammography has been a an elusive goal for gynos. MRIs are expensive, they take a long time to perform, and they have a reputation for finding lots of lumps that really don't require treatment. But a radiologist from Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen in Germany has hit upon a solution to what has blocked MRIs from replacing mammograms. Dr. Christine Kuhl has discovered that a technique with a 3 minute scan, replacing the 20+ minute technique can acquire
the images quickly and effectively which should lower the cost of the test. It's not available yet, but we will be following this development closely as it's very interesting!


  1. Fantastic website, will definitely visit again. I remember hassling my female GP with questions about whether my periods were normal etc. when I was 18-21. You couldn't look up info online in those days! It has also motivated me to visit the gyneco my physio recommended: at nearly 40, it is high time I got myself one, even if I am not 'sexually active'.
    Re the above article, my GP sends his patients for MRIs rather than mammograms as he finds the pictures of better quality, and he is worried the trauma (compression) undergone by the breasts during the mammos might actually cause cancer. I went for a mammo as I couldn't afford the MRI (no private health insurance) and I now regularly have follow up ultrasound scans. The new technique sounds really interesting: I check with my radiologist the cost of the MRIs each time,and it is steadily becoming cheaper!


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