Miscarriage Surgery May Influence Preterm Birth Rate

It has been determined that sampling the uterine lining with a biopsy, performing a surgery for early miscarriage, and having an early termination is not damaging to the lining of the uterus or the cervix in virtually all cases. It's important to talk to your gyno about options for surgery verse medial treatment, as there are options for alternative management. A new retrospective study linked a small association between having a D and C surgery for a miscarriage or a pregnancy termination and later having a subsequent preterm birth. The study took information from a hospital data base, and did not confirm the medical history in any group. The study was also done in a country that doesn't have legalized pregnancy terminations and thus information and types of terminations available to their population would not mimic a US group. In general retrospective studies are felt to be the weakest kind of medical data and this study would need follow up work to confirm the findings.


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