Is This Medication Messing With My Birth Control Pill?

When you are on the birth control pill, keep your gyno in the loop as to what else you are taking as many medications have contraindications to being combined with each other. Medication interactions that have been studied are included in the package insert from prescription drugs. This information is both in the PDR and found on line for most medications. For medications not found in these lists, asking a pharmacist, your own gynecologist, or calling the manufacturer of the medication can help determine if combinations of medications or herbal products are safe. With oral contraceptives you have to think about both the safety of any interaction and what it will do to the effective hormone levels. Even cigarettes can lower medication levels of the birth control pill. Condoms can protect against STDs but they also can protect against any potential medication induced lowering of contraceptive levels if you have a question about short term use of a medication while on birth control pills.


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