HPV Is Necessary But Not The Factor That Is Sufficient For Cervical Cancer

HPV is a necessary factor for the development of cervical factor: But only a small fraction of those who contract it ever get cervical cancer. The first step in cervical cancer protection is prevention of HPV and for most that will mean getting the shot.  The question is what else is wrong. One thing we know, those with the most aggressive virus strains, and those with persistent infections, are more likely to have invasive diseases. And then the immune factors: subtle immune problems: prediabetes, poor nutrition, and poor omega-3 levels or severely compromised immunity through smoking or HIV disease; all lead to the increased likelihood of being in that persistent group. The CDC lists these prominent factors:
  • Smoking.
  • Having HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) or another condition that makes it hard for your body to fight off health problems.
  • Using birth control pills for a long time (five or more years).
  • Having given birth to three or more children.
  • Having several sexual partners.


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